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#10 Get Lost

January 31, 2011

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” ~ Robert Frost

For many years, my father drove from our small village to the big city to work or visit friends and family.  At some point, he started to think about all the roads and neighborhoods he passed along the way, and he decided that he would begin to explore them on his drive home. I thought that was pretty cool of my old dad, and it often comes into my mind when I am driving on Route 116 or 30.

Which brings us to goal #10: take the road less traveled.  In retrospect, this was an underlying theme of some of my goals for last year. Get on the bus.  Go to the pow wow. Attend services at a mosque or a synagogue. Take a yoga, tai chi, mindful meditation class. Learn a new language. Get lost in the neighborhoods you pass every day.

J.R.R. Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost,” but I think I might get lost sometimes this year.


Words of Wisdom

March 26, 2010

This makes me laugh every time I think of it.

Yesterday, Judy suggested that I might want to use some of my experiences to help other women deal with breast cancer. I said, “I don’t know where I would fit in.”

Judy replied, “You will never fit in, so you can take that concern right off the table!”

A Deadline to Changing the World

February 19, 2010

I’m nervous! I’m scared! I’m really excited! After lunch today, my friend Chris suggested that we make a list of the things we want to do….and set a deadline to do them! Oh my! I think we agreed to the end of 2010. This could change everything. This could change me! : 0

Huh. I often point out to my children, usually when they are angry or frustrated or otherwise unhappy, that the only one you can change is yourself. And I also believe it’s possible to make a difference, to change the world. By changing yourself? That makes sense.

I wonder what will happen. Will I become a like Roman citizen, unafraid to boldly venture anywhere in the world? Will I find courage to act when I see injustice? Will I seek to bring love and joy and laughter with me? Will this change who I am? Or will it make me more who I am meant to be? I don’t know, but I am excited to find out. And nervous. And scared.