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There’s No Place Like It

March 27, 2010

Home, home, home.

There are some people who do not consider Jimmy Buffett to be one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century. They are sadly mistaken. I believe he is Jesuit educated, which explains a lot.

We’re on our way back to the ‘burg city after visiting some of “the faces and the places that were home.”* Laura was accepted at my alma mater, and I think she has decided to go there. I’m pretty excited for her because I think she will love Le Moyne. And while I am not excited to have her so far from home, they are good people there who will appreciate the amazing young woman our little girl has become.

As an added bonus, Steve and I will have occasion to visit some of the most dear friends we have ever had, in the place where we fell in love and made our first home together, where our three children were born.

And for the record, Steve was right when it came to the college searches for both girls. He suggested Scranton for Sarah and Le Moyne for Laura. I’m thrilled that they are joining the ranks of Jesuit alumni. I’ll be interested to see where he thinks Jack should apply.

“I was supposed to have been a Jesuit priest or a Naval Academy grad. That was the way my parents perceived me. Those were the plans that they had, though I didn’t fit the part, too dumb or too smart. Ain’t it funny how it all turned out? I guess we are the people our parents warned us about.”
~ Jimmy Buffet, We are the People

*Jimmy Buffett, Merry Christmas Alabama