Sufficiently Radical

Sufficiently radical? This is to be the account of what happens when a perennial outsider (is that my karma?) steps into life, even if doing so makes her feel uncomfortable or silly. It could be riding a bus, taking tai chi, visiting strangers, auditioning for a play, growing tomatoes, reducing gas usage, learning a new language, attending a pow wow, participating in a support group, sharing my faith and my hopes and my dreams – and maybe my political point of view. Making a difference. Loving and being loved. Just radical enough for me.

(Thanks to my good friend, Joseph M. McShane, S.J., author of Sufficiently Radical: Catholicism, Progressivism, and the Bishop’s Program of 1919, for inspiring my blog title.)


One Response to “Sufficiently Radical”

  1. Watching Disney « Sufficiently Radical Says:

    […] I think that reaching out to the people around me, in this time and this place,  is the sufficiently radical way I’m called to change the world. The “big issues” are someone else’s […]

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