The Magic Number

Today qualifies as a “glorious summer day,” as Steve would say, and all morning, the number 2717 keeps popping into my head.

What is this number? Everyone in my household knows! It was our account number at the former country club pool! And today, I am remembering all those glorious summer days spent there with the kids and our “summer friends,” the people we didn’t see often during the school year because our kids attended different schools.

What a wonderful time in our lives! I miss my summer friends, the old snack shack, being part of the progression of the moms from the baby pool to the
shallow end and finally to the deep end or even the lap pool, and Friday late nights!

It was so much fun!


2 Responses to “The Magic Number”

  1. caryl Says:

    Oh I am soooooo missing those days too! Lazy, fun days filled with watching jumps from the diving board, painting nails at the picnic table, even saying NO to the tenth snack request!!

  2. Laura Says:

    Ahhh but we didn’t even really need the person for the snack request because of that glorious magic number 🙂

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