#3 Love and Homegrown Tomatoes

Goal number three for this year’s list is to grow enough tomatoes for a whole year, and learn how to can and freeze them so that we will have homegrown tomatoes through the winter.

I know, I know.  I failed to meet this goal last year, but I learned a lot that I think will be useful in trying again, and we did grow some very delicious tomatoes last summer.  Best of all, I rediscovered my all-time, favorite co-worker in the garden.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Where we love is home.” And that’s the best place to grow tomatoes.

True love and homegrown tomatoes – you can’t buy ’em. But if you find them in the garden, be sure to nurture them!


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2 Responses to “#3 Love and Homegrown Tomatoes”

  1. Steve Says:

    I’m looking forward to growing a big patch of tomatoes with you this year! It’s great farming with you!


  2. Chris Says:

    My offer stands to show you how to can those maters — very easy and very fun. What about getting a plot in the community garden? You could throw in two dozen plants and be
    up to your ears in tomatoes before you know it. Not as convenient as your backyard, but lots of room and I hear a nice little community of fellow farmers.

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