#2 Don’t Step on Bugs

He said, “The Sabbath is the center of our week.”

I was sitting with Chris and Jamie (although not next to either one) in a crowded fitness room at the YWCA listening to a Jewish couple share information about their faith.  They spoke about a day dedicated to God, to family and friends, to rest — and it is the CENTER of the week, not the beginning or the end.  They were talking about a day that can transform all our days into days of wholeness, days of holiness.  Wow!

So, goal number two for the year: Reclaim the Sabbath.  I am not sure exactly what this will look like, it is a goal in progress, but I think it will make our lives and our home more happy and grace filled.

The work that’s forbidden [during the traditional Jewish Sabbath] is any work in which you interfere with nature and act as if you are master over it. You are not supposed to pluck a single blade of grass… You could think it’s all sort of crazy and too much, but I can see how giving one whole day a week to doing all these things, or rather, not doing all these things, could actually change the world. All week you step on bugs, you trample grass, you ignore, change, destroy, use, exert your force all over the place. But on this day you pay attention… you pay attention to every living thing, and you allow it to live.

…It would be good for the world to have to observe the Sabbath, a day of rest where everyone tries not to exert their force on the world, and is grateful to God, and tries not to squash any life, not even bugs, and all the malls and the fast-food restaurants and TVs are shut down. It seems like the world would be about a thirty-thousand-times better place.

(Debbie Blue, From Stone to Living Word)


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4 Responses to “#2 Don’t Step on Bugs”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This is my favorite so far! As I was watching the ground from the air today, I was struck by the difference between God’s creation and human creation. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it was interesting to see the twisting and turning of a river next to a rigorously straight road, and the majestic folds of a mountain next to a meticulously laid out housing development. Maybe resting from creating for a day could give the opportunity to regain the joy and playfulness that we see in God’s creation!

  2. Chris Says:

    Wow! This is a great idea! Trying to live, just one day a week, nonviolently. Gently. I look forward to future reports!

  3. Steve Says:

    What about gardening? We have to walk through the grass to get to the garden?

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    […] time there regularly. Which is kind of like churchgoing. It all reminds me of a friend’s blog post about reclaiming the […]

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