What’s Bugging You?

So far, the most important thing I’ve learned in my gardening class is that most bugs are your friends. If you leave them to do their buggy thing, they will help your garden grow.

Of course there must be a life lesson here. Is it that you shouldn’t let most things bother you? Or that the pesky experiences, people and events you encounter may be the pollinators necessary for your growth? Or that you need to take a good look when something disturbs your peace of mind to determine if it is one of those rare bugs that needs to be squished and discarded before it kills your tender new buds and leaves or eats the fruits of your labor?

Oh! and a fun thing to learn:  xeriscaping and xerogardening!! “Gardening in way that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation,” according to Wikipedia, by using plants that are native to a region.  I just might need to plant some native flowers!


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6 Responses to “What’s Bugging You?”

  1. ccblittle Says:

    This, in Sarah’s words, is very deep. I need to think about it some more.

    • nneitz Says:

      I loved you kind words yesterday: “these are all things that can plow your soil deeper and yield fruit one day. Juicy, wisdom-bearing fruit!”

      I am glad you are in my garden!

  2. Sarah Says:

    The peace of mind lesson? SO came from Michelle and Joanne

  3. Sarah Says:

    And also, I was thinking of a more immediate lesson. Nature knows what it’s doing. Can also be applied to xerogardening!

    Por ejemplo, in Geography, we talked about the Aswan High Dam in Egypt, and how it’s so awesome because it helps control the flooding of the Nile. But the great thing about the Nile in the first place was that it flooded, leaving all this fertile silt to plant things miles into the desert. And, whaddaya know, Egypt is having problems now because the Delta is shrinking, because the Nile doesn’t flood and replenish the silt! But no one in Geography is saying, hey, maybe we should have worked with the flooding of the Nile rather than trying to control it (very Ishmael-ish thought there).

    Admittedly, the Aswan Dame does some things I think are great – hydroelectricity and providing running water. But I wonder if we should be trying to copy nature instead of trying to make it work better. Seems like the “better” we make our environment, the more screwed up our environment gets. Human beings have consistently failed to grasp the complexity the natural world, to the detriment of ourselves and every living thing around us. And it’s pretty arrogant to think that our plan for the betterment of Earth is better than God’s original model.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Haha the Aswan Dame! Sorry for the typo.

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